Snowden A former National Security Agency (NSA) employee and privacy activist currently has becoming a whistle blower, he remind all the internet users not to use a services from Facebook, Google and Dropbox.

Those three services is a social networking service, Internet, and cloud which is currently famous among the internet users and used throughout the world, but those services are very dangerous in the privacy and data protection part.

In a long-distance communication at the New Yorker Festival, Snowden which currently is in hiding in Russia, give suggestions to the users of social networking services and the cloud. He tells how a tricks that can be use to avoid someone for taking user data.

Part that makes ironic is that when they use the video teleconference they use services from Hangouts and YouTube which is owned by Google.

Snowden says a cloud services from Dropbox has unsecure parts in their encryption. Is true that the data being sent or transferred is encrypted, but it turned out that they use an application from other parties.

He also suggested that the internet users who use all those services are understood what they rights for their privacy and security. “When we say there are nothing to hide, then it mean that we are no longer care for our rights,” he said at Tech Crunch, (10.11.2014) on Saturday.

That’s why he also advised the users who use those services to use other services, such as RedPhone and Silent Circle, or keep using the default SMS service. Snowden like when the encryptions on Smartphone are being improve to the next level.

Are you going to use another services?