Governments around the world are using malware and spyware to keep an eye on people, from visitors to its own citizens. However, security researchers have developed a tool that now can detect whether your computer is infected with spyware or not.

The Detekt software developed by Claudio Guarnieri security researcher based in Berlin and has the support from several human rights groups. Detekt will check for malware that is often used to check on journalists, activists and others who were targeted by the government.

Can be downloaded free of charge, Detekt is a scanner; Its main purpose is to warn the user if they are being spied upon, but it does not remove spyware. If Detekt detect any spyware, the researchers recommend that users disconnect their computers from the Internet and stop using it immediately. Then, the user should contact an expert through another computer that is not used by them every day.

A list of experts who may be able to help, as well as their PGP key to send encrypted email, which is available on the website Detekt.

Detekt currently compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. And is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia.

According to Amnesty International, one of the co-sponsors Detekt, an early version of the tool used to investigate the practice of supervision in some countries. Detekt find that some human rights lawyers and activists in Bahrain are being spied upon by commercial spyware named FinSpy.

According to Amnesty International Detekt cannot magically detect all spyware; it is designed to recognize some commercial spyware most frequently used and found. The developers will continue to update Detekt as targets and development continues to change.

“The growing trend today is the existence of a global-scale monitoring has revealed clearly by Edward Snowden,” Amnesty International wrote in a post on Detekt. “Following the lead of the United States and other industrialized countries, governments everywhere are now confirming the use of surveillance. Surely this is a bad impact on the right to freedom of peaceful expression in countries around the world.”

Have check your computer for spyware lately?