Software QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing

Software QA is often confused with Software Testing, but should not be. Testing is a big part of Software Quality Assurance, but it is not, by any means, the only part of it.

Software Quality Assurance  involved in the entire software development process to ensure the quality of the final product. This can include processes such as requirements gathering and documentation, source code control, code review, change management, configuration management, release management and the actual testing of the software.

Software QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing  Software QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing qa image

 Testing is done at different phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and includes unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, system testing, acceptance testing (often performed by the internal or external client) and regression testing (which is often automated).

Software QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing  Software QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing software testing

 Software testing contributes to improving the quality of the product. While finding defects / bugs is one of the purposes of software testing, it is not the sole purpose. It is important for software testing to verify and validate that the product meets the stated requirements / specifications. Quality improvements help the organization to reduce post release costs of support and service, while generating customer good will that could translate into greater revenue opportunities. Also, in situations where products need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, software testing can safeguard the organization from legal liabilities by verifying compliance.

Software testing cannot ensure software is bug-free, but it CAN increase software quality.

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