Since the birth of the Internet in early 2000s, today the Internet has become part of our daily lives. This is because the rapid development, and has become part our lifestyle today’s.

Steve Jobs in 1985 had predicted about the existence of the Internet technology, which not all people may think that the predictions will come true.

At that time Steve Jobs is being interviewed by a magazine that was published in 1985. He describes many of the impacts that will arise with the growing development of the personal computer.

At that time Jobs said there will be a personal computer used in every home in the future.

The reason is because at that time all the personal computer owners want their computers later connected on a network, allowing them to make communication between each other.

Jobs did not mention directly about the Internet, but the concept of communication networks and computer are connected has the similar concept of the Internet that we use today. This has occurred to him at the time.

Jobs told that at that time there is a new brand in the beginning which is a new breakthrough. Just like when the first telephone was invented.

Jobs also added that many things will be and may occur. So we cannot know exactly what it is, but it will be a matter that will become part of our life and provide many benefits.

In 1985, Apple was selling their products Macintosh XL, in the same year they managed to sell 500,000 Macintosh and in the same year Steve Jobs was dismissed by Apple’s.

Do you know what else his prediction?