Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015 will be held starting on 6-9 January in Las Vegas, United States. CES is the world showcase of technology devices. On every exhibition held there will be new devices, and including the latest updates on technology devices that have been displayed. So peoples are curios on what technology devices that this time will be displayed.

Several types of technology devices were already mentioned by Yahootech on Tuesday (12/30/2014), here are the devices that might be exhibited at CES 2015.


4K TV  Technology Devices That Will Appear At CES 2015 4ktv e1420201070916

Perhaps many have heard the words of 4K TV, because the word is quite popular lately. Especially when forged ahead at CES 2015. Currently 4K TVs can be sure display higher resolution than HD TV available today.

There are 3,840 pixels resolution that available on a 4K TV compared to HD TV that only has 1,920 pixels.
There are great expectations that this year 4K TV can be had at a more affordable price, because the previous screen TVs with 4K sell large size and the price is really high.

Connected Internet Devices

Connected Devices  Technology Devices That Will Appear At CES 2015 IoT e1420201131880

Connected to the Internet is a tool previously pioneered by the Internet of Thing (IOT), which will be one of the limelight at CES 2015 in addition to 4K TV.

For some people who just heard this term, IOT is a concept where an electronic device already has the ability to connect directly to the Internet, or has connection to the internet within the tool.

For example, this device can be mounted on a washing machine; the washing machine will be connected to the Internet which can be accessed via Smartphone. So that the user can determine whether the purification process is completed or not, it may even be able to control the washing machine remotely via Smartphone.

So the presence of such devices will facilitate the works of human easier.

Wearable Device

Wearable Devices  Technology Devices That Will Appear At CES 2015 wearable devices e1420201087145

Other tools that will be the center of discussion at CES 2015 are tools that can be used, such as smart watch, smart band, and virtual reality headset and fitness tracker.

Surely it would be a lot of tools that will be used to show the new capabilities at present. As fitness tracker capable to monitor heart, such us a heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the number of calories burned from the number of steps capable counted. Other addition that it could be used as a music player that can provide peace to the users.

Smart Car

Smart Cars  Technology Devices That Will Appear At CES 2015 smart car e1420201115391

Lately there are many discussions and information in the media about the technology used in a car, that where the term smart car appear. The initial idea of the smart car is the emergence of the idea of Google for automatic steering on the car. So the idea is also affecting the automakers industry like Honda, Audi, BMW, Ford and others, so that they also adopt a Smartphone application on cars they made.

Locations at CES that will show the technology for smart car will be held in the north hall. So for those who want to watch make sure don’t end up in the wrong location.

Which technology devices that are really interest you?