The most important component of the Smartphone is RAM, its works as a data storage that is available in almost every mobile devices. Today many Smartphone is equipped with a capacity of 2 GB up to 3GB RAM.

This large amount of memory that is now for a show or to make it look hi-tech, it is because the Android operating system needs such amount of memory. However this not happened on iPhone using iOS or Smartphone from Microsoft Windows Phone.

For example, we can see on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with only 1 GB of RAM, the iPhone able to function properly and smoothly.

Unlike the Android Smartphone, this is equipped with a large enough RAM, because it requires a lot of memory. The reason is because applications for Android are made up from scripts, or better known its using the Java programming language.

There is a process called garbage collection, this process occurs when an application is created using Java script is closed by the user.

This process rewrite in memory applications used. The purpose of this process is to secure the data and application usage is not lost. Unfortunately, this process requires a lot of memory space quite a lot.

If your RAM is not able to serve many open applications, it’s easy to predict what will happen, the Android device will often crashing.

Garbage Collection process is not use in the operating system iOS or Windows Phone.

That is why the operating system iOS and Windows Phone able to run smoothly without requiring large RAM capacity.

How much RAM currently use in your Android mobile?