The number one person on Facebook, Mark hace Zuckerberg, delivered some tips to Indonesia’s cheap jerseys people if they want to move ahead like other countries. In his opinion, there are cheap mlb jerseys some tips that he said can help the Indonesian кредитных to build the a smart cities.

“In order to build or set up a smart city, we will definitely need cheap nba jerseys a connectivity. Peoples would require an Internet connection to be able to communicate,” said Zuckerberg while talking to the media at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, Monday (13/10/2014).

Unfortunately, the internet connection has not available throughout Indonesia. hybrid This is because there are still many technical problems about and non-technical.

Non-technical issues over the obstacles on the economic side. This can be seen there are many in our society who feel the cost wholesale jerseys to have the internet connection is expensive.

On the other hand the technical factor arises because there are still obstacles in infrastructure. Plus our country применениях” is Broken made up of islands, Zuckerberg acknowledged these difficulties.

Indonesia requires fiber optic cable network. 85% are functioning thanks to the mobile network. Unfortunately there is a lack of adequate fiber optic network. It is necessary to find a way wholesale nba jerseys out.