Web Design

Clients : Does it really matter how my website looks like?

Us : Absolutely.

Clients : Why?

Us : Because people will judging your company from the first impression of your website. Whether its fair or not.

Bottom line is design still matters. The web, for the most part, is a visual experience (factor in mobile, and the visual matters even more). Users tend to develop their initial level of trust based on superficial elements, i.e. design. And how they use the site is very much determined by how it is arranged visually and how well the information is presented.

Some reasons why your website not attract or being mistrusted by your potential customers.

  • Inappropriate name for the website
  • Complex, busy layout
  • Lack of navigation aids
  • Boring web design, especially use of color
  • Pop up advertisements
  • Slow introductions to a site (splash pages, slow-loading flash introductions, etc)
  • Small print
  • Too much text
  • Corporate look and feel
  • Poor search facilities/indexes

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Chances are pretty good that a user will end up on your website or blog through some sort of search or referral. This will lead many to argue that they were driven to a website because of its content and that content is all that matters.

Good content does increase your site’s Search Engine Page Results. And both valuable and useful content will produce referrals, retweets, Facebook “likes,” etc.  But what happens once they get to your site?

Does the design make a difference? Sure it does. If you go to a site and it looks terrible or confusing, are you in a comfortable place? Are you feeling confident that this is the place where the content is going to deliver? Or does none of this matter to you?

Your website is an important marketing and communications piece and as such should promote your brand. The look of your site should visually convey the feelings you want the user to have about your company when visiting. It should be inviting and invoke user confidence.  We make sure that we can get very good first impression on it.

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