Making ourselves to be able to do a good habit is not easy. It takes a serious attitude in order to do so. We can start with simple things, and can also be assisted by a website that can help change our habits.

Look unusual a website offering this kind of help. 21Habit is the site name, if the user needs help from the website in order for them doing good habits and eliminate bad habits, they can help change the habits within 3 weeks.

The first step that must be done is to record the bad habits that the users wanted to changed. For example like quit smoking. After that users go to the website every day, and answer about the things that concerned with measures that behavior change.

If there are days when the user fails, they just need to select the fail options, and so on. Until at the last day, where the user can see if the results are successful or unsuccessful.

To help motivate the user in the proccess. 21Habit also provide challenges with prizes in the form of money around $ 21.

So if users succeed in changing habits and challenges. The money will be returned to the user, but if it not successful then the money will be donated to others.

Is there any bad habits that you want to change?