Standard Rezence company is still doing the development to make wireless charging for a notebook. Apparently the company called Freescale has taken a step further and making it a reality.

Freescale has just announced that they have made a wireless device which has a power that can be used to charge the tablet or Smartphone battery. In addition, the device also works with portable medical equipment.

This device has the power of 15 watts, and it will be distributed at the beginning of next year. With the price three times higher than conventional battery charger, the price is still reasonable for a device that provides a solution to battery charging. These devices using the standards set by the Consortium Qi Technology.

According to Freescale for appliance with power consumption of 5 watts will not get an upgrade of the device that has the power of 15 watts. If we use a USB battery pack or POWERBANK, usually the gadgets require more power to function.

The same principles happen on the wireless charging device’s. So before using this wireless battery charger, the battery should not be in empty condition. Besides that the conventional battery charging is much faster by using a regular USB charger. Only wireless device charger looks more attractive.

What do you think this wireless charger?