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API and Backend Developer Careers

API and Backend Developer Careers



  • Responsible for implementing backend RESTful API using SprintBoot, Spring that will be consumed by frontend single page apps
  • Impelemet data CRUD operations with NoSQL databases such as RocksDB, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Implement CQRS where required
  • Follow 12 factor app methodology for building API
  • Implement micro services best practice such as circuit breakers, correlations, correct HTTP response codes & logging.
  • Implement correlations to trace interaction between various microsevices
  • Implement API versioning

Must have:

  • Expert skills in building microservices
  • 5+ years building backend RESTful API using Spring, SpringBoot
  • Expert skills with NoSQL data stores MongoDB
  • Expert skills with Key/Value pair stores such as RocksDB, EtcD, Consul
  • Experience of integrating with API Gateway
  • Experience of working in a fast paced agile team with fully integrated CI/CD
  • Expert skills in caching (response headers), in-memory caching, database query caching.
  • Expert skills with tools JIRA/Github Enterprise/Artifactory

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If you’re offering these qualifications, please send your CV to form bellow or email to info@socmedtech.com

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